Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 2 at the CCA Conference

Day Two of the Climate and Cultural Anxiety Conference was held on the second floor of Rogert's Union. Here are some photos from the day and some write ups from Colby STS Students.

Attending today's conference was eyeopening. First, it was quite cool to see so many people, educated and specialized in their respective fields of study, who were able to collaborate in order to confront issues such as reductionism, scope of theory, and the scientists' "it only gets worse" model. I enjoyed just sitting among so many accredited sources of information and listening; it felt like watching a professional, televised dialogue. All-in-all it was well done and it shows that people are willing to travel great distances in order to educate others. The sort of work-together-not-against-each-other attitude that permeated Roberts was refreshing, and it will be required in order to bring about positive climate policy. Overall, the experience was significantly positive.

Victor Gagne

What are you doing with that Camera?

Colby Students taking it all in.

The youngest attendant at the Conference.

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