Tuesday, April 7, 2009

On Wednesday night the conference began with a few introductions by some very intelligent and engaging people. They all spoke of the anxiety building around the world about climate change and what the world is or is not doing about it. There were several different aspects looked at and each brought a different piece of climate to the table. There was the economic outlook, the Australian outlook, the lack of imagination aspect, and many more. However, the part of the evening that really caught my attention was a comment made about “green business.” It was the statement that green business needs climate change more than climate change needs green business. This fascinated me and I decided that it was worth looking into further. The idea of environmentally friendly products is not a poor one. A world without non-biodegradable plastics, non-renewable energy, and fossil fuels is a great dream. It is something to work towards and aspire to become. Yet it seems that right now all the green businesses are doing is burying us in an economic crisis, and that is another story for another day. Despite all the negatives, there is still hope to work towards and that hope lies on the upper tiers of scientific research and not in the hands of companies that use it for their own personal gain. --Savannah Lodge-Scharff '11

While sitting in on one of the talks at the recent Climate conference at Colby College, I was surprised by the intellectual, collaborative, and light-hearted atmosphere. Without having any previous knowledge of what an academic conference on issues such as these normally entailed, this was an eye opening experience. It’s been very interesting watching these professors and scholars help mold and shift one another’s ideas into different areas that they would not have considered on their own. Colby STS Student

The Climate Anxiety Conference was a great experience. Being able to listen to many experts speak on their different fields of study was very informative. It was encouraging to see people collaborating and sharing knowledge on a relevant topic like the climate. On the one hand the meeting was serious and structured, but at the same time you could see that everyone was having fun and enjoying the opportunity to get together and discuss their research. I am glad that I had the privilege to attend this conference.

-Kyle Donovan

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