Friday, April 3, 2009

Opening Ceremonies

On Wednesday night, scholars, scientists and graduate students from around the world came to the Climate Change and Cultural Anxiety conference held at Colby College from April 1st to April 4th. Here are some photos from the dinner and speech by Vladimir Jankovic.

Professor Fleming and President of the school, Bro Adams, talking with a visiting scholar.

Dale and Marilyn chatting it up before dinner.

Bro giving a welcoming speech to the attendees.

Professor Fleming and Vlad Jankovic talking over wine and crab-cakes.

Olin 1, the scene of Wednesday night's keynote by Vlad Jankovic, "Show Me the Money: Climate Change and the Economy in 2009."

Noah Bonnheim (2011) giving a welcoming speech to the attendants.

Vlad answering questions after his talk.

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