Monday, April 13, 2009

More Responses

From Greg Cushman, Univ. of Kansas:
WONDERFUL conference. I sketched out my next five years of research and grant work in 20 pages of detailed notes on the way home, I was so stoked up.

From Marilyn Gaull, Boston Univ.
So many brilliant people and ideas. I am grateful to have been
included--and learned a great deal about climate and about human
behavior as well. You are so good at exchange, at listening,
nurturing, asking questions

I particularly admire the way you arranged everything in advance so
that we all felt like guests--and the students, as I have said often,
are just too amazing, intelligent, generous, civilized, articulate,
socially accomplished. Surely you hired them from central casting.

From Matthias Dörries, Univ. of Strasbourg
Thanks so much for a great conference and the hospitality. I enjoyed it thoroughly (intellectually, socially, and culinary). I have lots of new ideas now and went straight to the library today.

From Gabe Henderson
Michigan State Univ.
Thank you for the incredible opportunity to meet you all. I learned a lot and continue to be inspired as I am looking over my notes of the conference. I look forward to the next time!

From Brant Vogel, Columbia Univ.
That was the toughest week I've had since graduate exams, and I don't
regret a minute. Thanks for making it happen.

From Maria Bohn, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
many, many thanks for me being able to participate in the conference and for valuable days at Colby.

From Erik Conway, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Thanks for organizing this, Jim. I came away with a lot of ideas to mull over, and some great memories. Next thing on climate I’m going to do is work out the intersection of technological enthusiasm, market fundamentalism, and global warming denial for SHOT. . .assuming my brain doesn’t explode first!

From Sverker Sörlin, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
thanks for hosting us so admirably! Colby was a thrill, I learned a lot. Since I am familiar with that IGY-volume in the making I now also know that some of the contributors are "family", others less so. In any case, the mix went very well.

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